When choosing one of our underfloor heating systems, you benefit from convenient and reliable solutions. First of all, underfloor heating is healthy. Hardly raising any dust, it is the perfect heating system for people suffering from allergies. Secondly, the gentle radiant heat provided by underfloor heating systems acts directly on the body without the intermediate stage of first warming the room air. The result: the same comfort level, but with a 2° C lower room temperature. And this is beneficial to your health, because warm feet and cool head is exactly what the human body requires.

It is well-known that heat rises, therefore it is most economical for heating to take place from below.

The feeling of warmth is extremely important. A radiant source of heat, or a draught, is normally felt more intensely than simply low temperatures. Therefore a large heated surface is preferable to a small, intense source of heat.

The combination of radiant heat and gentle convected heat from below is certainly the best solution. In modern times, reliable underfloor heating systems have become a reality. Laying a flexible pipe under the floor has made this method economically feasible. Several litres of warm water circulate in the floor spreading an even heat providing the ultimate feeling of comfort.

There are major benefits when using PEX pipes in underfloor heating. The installation is fast, simple and guaranteed. The water in these pipes can be heated using various methods, e.g., oil burners, gas burners, heatpumps, solar energy, electricity to name but a few. With underfloor heating, you can position your furniture as you please. There are no wall mounted radiators present to determine how the furniture should be placed, no electrical heaters to drag around. Underfloor heating ensures that there is less dust and the hygienic environment will be improved through minimal thermal air circulation. The ultimate reason for choosing hydronic underfloor heating though is undoubtedly the comfort value that is derived from a large surface at relatively low temperature. This ensures that the heating is most efficient, positioned where it is best felt – at your feet. Keeping your feet warm makes your whole body feel warm.

Underfloor Heating piping

There are several manufaturers of water underfloor heating piping systems i.e.:





Uponor offers a broad variety of manifolds, from a modular PPSU manifold to stainless steel manifolds, and everything fits together with all other accessories.
This includes a wide range of control stations that are used to control water temperature for the underfloor heating system.


 The Uponor individual room control enables temperature control according to the temperature you feel. The simply and efficiently designed temperature sensor almost truly understands the temperature sensations of a human being: The measuring sensor registers the air temperature as well as the thermal radiation. Thanks to the use of wireless technology, the radio room thermostat is not dependent on locations. Uponor radio control is based on KNX, the leading open standard for home and building automation for electronic systems, which allows integration of several of the home’s functions.
Another alternative is the wired control, for classical standard solutions.

The new revolutionary individual radio room control is now available with Dynamic Energy Management (DEM) technology.

Floor Construction

Different homes come up with different conditions and requirements for the installation of underfloor heating. Be sure you will find a solution that perfectly fits your preferences or specific requirements, whether you want to equip a new house or renovate an existing one.

When installing underfloor heating (UFH) within a solid screed, there are a number of different methods of fixing the UFH pipe into position, onto and above the floor insulation, if installed.