Solar Products

Conversion Systems:

A good quality conventional geyser is suitable to be connected to a solar panel by changing the fittings of your conventional geyser. The electrical element is used as a back-up for insufficient weather conditions. A conversion allows you to go Solar now and still get some mileage out of your geyser.

However – your geyser should be not too old and it needs to be a good quality geyser. Should your geyser not be in a good condition, the heat loss might be to great.

Therido Energy fits a geyser blanket onto your existing geyser to prevent heat loss and will install a Geyser Wise timer to ensure that you are in control of your system performance.

Therido Energy offers conversions that qualify for the Eskom DSM Rebate.

Full Systems:

This application is suitable when building a new house or if your geyser is at the end of its life expectancy.

Therido Energy has several a wide range to choose from and we will advice you accordingly. Any of the above mentioned panels can be fitted to any Solar Geyser.

The geysers will be fitted inside the roof or wherever the old geyser has been placed.

We don’t recommend geysers to be placed on the roof due to aesthetics as well as due to the possibility of insufficient support for the geyser weight on the roof.
However – this is a topic that can be discussed when we come to see the site.

Therido Energy offers full systems that qualify for the Eskom DSM Rebate.


Direct and Indirect Systems:

This describes the way your water is actually heated. With a direct system the water gets directed from the geyser into the panel, then directly heated by the sun.
An indirect system would use another heat-absorbing liquid to be run through the collectors and then to heat the water inside the geyser. The applications for indirect systems are in areas with frost or acidic water conditions.
Therido Energy offers direct and indirect systems as well as frost-resistant direct systems where the frost problem gets solved through a frost protection valve allowing direct systems to be installed in frost areas.

Passive and Active Systems:

This terminology is used to describe the water flow between the geyser and the solar panel. Passive systems rely on natural convection to circulate the water through the collectors. In this case the geyser needs to sit higher than the panel to allow for natural flow. This system is also called a Thermo-Siphon-System.

Active Systems use electrically driven pumps and valves to control the circulation.
This allows greater flexibility as the storage tank does not need to sit higher than the panel. The electricity can be generated by simply connecting it to a conventional power supply or by fitting a small Photovoltaic Panel onto the roof that drives the pump.
Therido Energy offers both options and has systems on Eskom DSM Rebate for both scenarios.