Domestic heat pump technology is one of the cutting edge technologies when it comes to renewable energy water heating products. Even though this technology have been used in South-Africa for heating water for many decades, the recent increase in international demand have brought the component costs down, making the product extremely affordable for the home user. Using refrigeration cycle to extract energy from the surrounding air (indirectly using solar energy) it can provide you with 55°C to 60°C hot water day/night, winter/summer at a quarter of the cost of electrical geyser element heating.

Therido Energy chose ITS Solar as its main heatpump supplier. ITS Solar is known to be a leader in the design and manufacturing of heat pump heating technology and manufactures some of the most efficient systems on the market. The ITS domestic series is available in 3kW, 4.7kW and 11kW units.

Key Features

Quiet Operation, with no solar collectors on the roof – ITS Heat pumps operate like a standard aircon unit and generate minimal, if any noise. They can be installed in a secluded area on your property making them ‘invisible’.

Uses up to 75% less household energy in heating your water – Due to the amazing efficiency, the heat pump will save you thousands of rands per year.

Can be used in conjunction with solar heaters – Solar and heat pumps systems can be used in conjunction with one another.

Environmentally friendly- Extreme energy efficiency, with no green house gas emissions.

Fully automated anti freeze function – our systems have been tested in below zero conditions and are some of the most efficient systems on the market.

Beautiful finish – ITS uses only high quality finishing materials on our products to ensure the product will even after years of exposure to the outside elements still remain as good looking as the day you bought it.

Superior corrosion resistance – ITS uses high purity metals and quality finishes in the manufacturing of our heat pumps to ensure superior corrosion resistance.

5 year warrantee – ITS Heat pumps have a limited extended 5 year warranty and an exclusive 1 year warranty. The system life expectancy is more than 10 years.